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   The 8:18 Girl LLC 

The 8:18 Girl LLC is a small business that focuses on all of your lifestyle needs. 

The 8:18 Girl LLC believes in P.O.W.E.R!

Purpose, Opportunity, Wealth, Empowerment, and Radiance!

Connect with us and you connect with P.O.W.E.R!


Black Kings we honor you. 

Black Queens we adore you.

Black Children you are royalty. 

Everyday your life matters. 

Your skin color does not make you inferior. The hues of your melanin are to be celebrated, something you are to be proud of. Your life holds value, it hold weight. Year after year we get stronger. They try to tear us down but we unite. We unite with some from every race, color, and creed. Because you, my Black King, my Black Queen, my Black Children, you matter. We have had more than enough. Now we rise, we stand with our feet planted, shoulders squared, and heads held high. We are secure in our Blackness, We are necessary in our Blackness, We are whole in our Blackness, We fulfill purpose in our Blackness. We are fearfully, and wonderfully made in our Blackness. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel less than because they can’t see the Beauty of your Blackness. Your beauty took hundreds of years to curate...it’s priceless...how dare you freely hand it over to someone who is so unworthy?

You better not!!

Black Kings we honor you.

Black Queens we adore you.

Black Children you are Royalty. 

Everyday your life matters! 

The 8:18 Girl LLC 

Siegel Shapiro, Founder 


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